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Thread: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

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    Re: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    YEP! you bet! I interview the clients and if they are not a good fit I just don't sign on to do the work. I have rules and I WON'T deal with needy if they need me to report in every day then forget about it! I had to learn what I would and would not put up with and then realized......they needed me more than I needed them!
    There are way too many clients to work with to put up with the ones that won't toe the line!

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    Re: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    I would never send them packing without building value, showing results over time with similar clients. Then offer to do all the same work just as little at a time as their budget permits. Same amazing work just more spread out. Then most people will just invest in good marketing rather then walking. Then when they see the money talk to them about upping the budget.

    But just like Lorin at Bright Local says ask yourself the question do I want to work with this person? If the answer is no, then don't just walk away, walk them to your competitor, jk.
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    Re: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    I HATE doing this but I remember reading somewhere that having difficult clients can be on of the worst things for employee moral as it can just drain on them with the over-the-top communication. I had client where we exchanged roughly 5 emails a day (143 emails in 30 business days). That was a bit much for us and we had to part ways.
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    Re: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    Here's another "oldie but a goodie" topic on firing bad clients.

    4 Signs You Should Fire That Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Client

    Most of the time when I've had to fire a client it's been based on budget. You pay for what you get and you get for what you pay for.

    What about you? Fired any clients lately? I did just yesterday! EMPOWERING!
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    Re: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    Thanks for sharing Susan. Good one!
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    Re: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    Nice, I let go of a lot of clients in September of 2014 during a revamp. One of my signature clients attended a class I did a few months ago, and I expressed how I'd love to have him back but that he wasn't renewed because he always attempted to jump in and also ignored my advice.

    A good client today is not the same as back then. It was simply not worth the work when they won't allow you or your team to get the right job done. He just emailed me last week wanting access to an account we had set up and has seriously messed up his online presence.

    Today I am clear about what I want from a client and also expect referrals to those types of businesses. We have a renewing contract with a 60 day termination clause but also now only guarantee six months and then can either progress or terminate without a big hassle.
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    Re: Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    Loving this topic!

    A business associate recently asked me to help her son market his new personal training business online. Hesitant to work with friends, family and business associates to begin with, I gave in and agreed. Long story short...we met, reviewed his local online competition, discussed the benefits of a 1st page ranking - lead generation, branding, etc - and even agreed on a price. Being a nice guy - yes, I sometimes finish last I offered him a reasonable rate of $500.00/mo. for a minimum of 6 months. Here's the response I got:

    Hey Ray,
    Sorry for the late reply, hope all is well. I spoke to my business coach and a friend about your proposal and they both said the investment of $500 per
    Month for your services was something they could help
    Me with no extra cost. Also they would teach me the basics to
    Improving my backend web code etc. Also, as a new business watching my expenses is critical and if I can keep a little more in my pocket the more I can do to grow.
    I am still interested in working together in some way to help each other however that may be.
    Perhaps in the future I would still enlist your services.
    Another option would be to barter services if you're open minded to learn more about nutrition and training for optimal health and Wellness.
    Thanks for your time and look forward to talking more.

    Not surprisingly, his website was also a result of a 'barter arrangement' and it showed.

    In retrospect, this potential client did not meet my 'potential client criteria' which has grown over the years...I took it to be a blessing in disguise.

    Now, if Local SEO were only as simple as 'improving some back end code'...


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