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Thread: Semantic Search, Entities, Multi-Location Brands and Link Building

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    Semantic Search, Entities, Multi-Location Brands and Link Building

    Jared Banz of SumoLeap did a video interview with Mike Blumenthal and myself. I always love talking Local SEO with Mike and I think this is a great theoretical conversation about how Google is ordering local search results (and some tactical advice on how to influence it).

    Interview: Local SEO for Franchises | Dayton Web Design
    Dan Leibson
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    Re: Semantic Search, Entities, Multi-Location Brands and Link Building

    Thanks Dan for sharing that Webinar. I was just reading over the key points, but have not watched the vid yet. Starring you and Mike - you know it's got to be good!
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    Re: Semantic Search, Entities, Multi-Location Brands and Link Building

    Thank you Dan for sharing! It was an honor to talk with you and Mike, and it was very interesting to hear you two talk through the relationship of semantic content and links.

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    Re: Semantic Search, Entities, Multi-Location Brands and Link Building

    Great talk! I was surprised to hear Mike say he'd been working on some research that hinted there was actually some ranking value to Google+ content. I still won't be adding that to the stack without a fair bit more convincing, but I wasn't expecting to hear that.

    Biggest take away for me was already something I knew, but good to hear it reaffirmed. The best links are one with intrinsic bottom line value even aside from SEO benefit. If a link also gets you new business, it's likely to be a particularly valuable link for rankings as well.

    Thanks for sharing Dan and Mike, and for hosting Jared!
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    Re: Semantic Search, Entities, Multi-Location Brands and Link Building

    Hey Dan,

    In the opening remarks Jared talks about how important content marketing is for link building for local businesses. I don't know if you went into this at all in the video (I only watched 5 minutes) and I know it wasn't you who made that assertion but I'm still curious as to your opinion.

    This has been brought up many times in the forum and I always come back to my belief that content marketing, for the purpose of link building, just isn't effective for local businesses.

    Granted, if you are a national brand, absolutely. You need to be focusing on content marketing to build links. It's incredibly powerful and extremely effective because you're in the business every day and you can dedicate the large amounts of time it takes to not only 1) create really great content by being in the business, understanding the FAQ's, doing the intense keyword research while being aided by your knowledge of your customer, market, and product etc. but 2) also promote the content effectively.

    However, as a Local SEO agency, the effects of content marketing, in my opinion, are extremely diminished.

    For one, the audience is smaller for a local business doing content marketing. If you're a national brand you have an audience of, at a very rough estimate (and really just to make a point), 270 million, assuming most Americans are on the internet which of course they're not but also factoring in the real likelihood of international traffic, let's just call it 270 million for argument's sake. But as a local business serving a city, where the average city in America is around 20,000 people, your audience isn't even close to what a national audience is, thus greatly diminishing the chance for a backlink. You can pander to a national audience but then your links aren't local really at that point and you run into the issue of...

    Content marketing is simply just not scalable for a Local SEO agency. You have to come up with new ideas constantly, and spread those ideas out among clients (time consuming) and even if you double up on content and write similar content for many local businesses, now you're competing against yourself in the SERP's and splitting link potential even further.

    I guess my question is, do you really think content marketing is viable for local agencies? If so, can it be done at scale?

    I'd love to hear your opinion on this and be proven wrong. But after doing it for many years and only seeing a few results (backlinks) for even fewer clients yet seeing massive results for our agency since we're national, I just don't see how it's possible content marketing can be an effective link building strategy for local businesses.

    Tutelary Marketing, Owner
    Local Listing Ninja - Business Listing Service

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