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Thread: New Local Search Forum Super Mod - Colan Gets Promoted

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    New Local Search Forum Super Mod - Colan Gets Promoted

    Announcing Our new SUPER Moderator

    Colan has been like my right hand man around here and has been a valuable Top Contributor. But I wanted to promote him and give him some moderator "ninja super powers" so he can do things like move posts to the right thread and make sticky posts to help me keep this place more organized - AND help make things easier for you guys to find.

    This forum is just growing at break-neck speed and the amount of info that flows though this place daily now is amazing and so hard to keep up with!

    Thanks COLAN for all you do to help fellow members of the Local Search Community!

    Colan joins Miram Ellis who is our other Super Mod and her help is so greatly appreciated too. The rest of the team includes Top Contributors: Travis Van Slooten and Phil Rosek who just joined us. I'll be adding at least 2 more TCs this month to help us keep up with the growth.

    SPECIAL THANKS TO DAVID - My right hand man & tech genius, for all the hard work and the techical stuff he takes care of for me on the back end to help make this a better place for all!

    Thanks go out to all the members for being a valued part of our community!

    And congrats again to our new Moderator, Colan!
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    Re: New Local Search Forum Super Mod - Colan Gets Promoted

    Big Congratulations to Colan! And thank you for the great contribution to the forum and helping it run smoothly!
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    Re: New Local Search Forum Super Mod - Colan Gets Promoted

    Thanks Linda! This forum does so much for me, so I'm more than happy to be a part of it's continued success
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    Re: New Local Search Forum Super Mod - Colan Gets Promoted

    High-five, Colan! Thanks for all your great insights here.

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    Re: New Local Search Forum Super Mod - Colan Gets Promoted

    ninja mod super powers!!! pretty cool!! Congrats Colan!
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