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Thread: Linda's Moving, My Schedule - KUDOs Team for Holding Down the Fort!

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    Linda's Moving, My Schedule - KUDOs Team for Holding Down the Fort!

    So sorry I have not been as active lately. I'm moving from SoCal to Utah in a couple weeks and trying to help my daughter's family of 5 move there as well. (Staggered move at different times, so I can try to help family some on both ends.)

    So life is especially crazy right now. Between the move and the already reduced hours due to my hand injuries, I have not been as active here as I used to be - but I'm still around! I hope to be fully back in the saddle after I get my furniture (the end of August), so I can set up my office etc. Will likely be beginning of Sept before I can get us all settled in.

    But the team has things totally covered here and I pop in every chance I get, just am unable to post as often.

    HUGE THANKS to my trusty side kick David Baxter and to all our Mods and Top Contributors - the most active being Joy Hawkins, James Watt, Colan Nielsen. Scott Rawlins, Margaret Ornsby, Priya Chandra and Eric Rohrback.

    Also special thanks goes out to Joshua Mackens & Tim Colling who are two of our top members that help others out a lot! Just wanted to let you know, even tho we seldom talk, you are both really appreciated!

    And another special thanks to Garrett Sussman and Grade.Us for starting such great discussion threads every week. And also thanks to and Yext for being our loyal sponsors.

    Thanks to everyone above and all of our other members for keeping this place hopping with Local Search goodness! AND always being so willing to jump in to help our members! YOU ROCK!
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    Re: Linda's Moving, My Schedule - KUDOs Team for Holding Down the Fort!

    Thanks Linda! Can't wait to hear about the new office!
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