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@Linda - with your years of Google watching experience what's your expectation about these data center inconsistencies. Do you think that Google will rollout the same algo across all data centers and these inconsistencies will disappear/reduce?

And what sort of time frame would you expect to see this happen post a big update like Pigeon?

Any insights you can share about the thought process Google goes through when doing an update would be very interesting (please point to an existing post if you've covered this before - i couldn't find one )
Hi Myles,

I don't really consider myself a Google update expert, but honestly I thought this crazy flux would last 3 weeks max. With most previous updates there seems to be some flakiness for just a couple weeks, as the aglo settles in. But I've never seen flux this crazy or for this long.

My best guess is either: A) They are still tesing B) This algo is one that needs to be trained and it's taking awhile

No idea how long it will last because like I said - if I had to bet on 7/24 how long it would be in flux, I would have guessed 3 weeks.

But yes, once it's tested or trained, as the case may be, I expect it to settle into something consistent across Google maps, browsers and data centers.