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    Google Offers Now Featured in Google+ Local Search

    I think this is new and as a consumer I think it's pretty darn cool too.

    Go to Google+. Click Google+ Local button in left side bar. Scroll down a bit til you get to - Offers.
    Next click "View all". See all the offers in your area. Grab a deal!

    The more Google weaves + into the fabric of our lives, the more features like "Offers" will be visible to the local consumer. So be sure your clients are featured there.

    Here's a small sampling of Google Offers from my local area.

    Google Offers Now Featured in Google+ Local Search-offers.jpg

    Here is the post from #googleplusupdate that explains.
    AND they have 5 screenshots that show it all in more detail.

    Google+ - Google Offersin Google+ Local

    You have been able to see local offers through the +Google Maps app and a few other places for a while, but the +Google+ Local team has now brought Google Offers to the forefront for anyone researching or reviewing places using Google+ Local.

    When viewing the Google+ Local page, one of the categories is now "Offers" (1st screenshot) with 3 places that each have at least one active offer. These offers stand out to you as you scroll down because of the colorful +Google Offers logo. When clicking "View all" next to "Offers," you are brought to a page listing all of the offers in your local area (2nd screenshot).

    After clicking on the page with an offer (for example, +Infusion Tea Cafe), you are brought to their Local page that has a notification on the right hand side letting you know about their offer (3rd screenshot). Clicking on the offer brings you to a Google Offers page where you can save it for later (4th & 5th screenshot).
    What do you think?
    Do you make sure to add offers for all your clients?
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