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Thread: 3 Successful Google+ Local Page Examples, iAcqure Blog

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    3 Successful Google+ Local Page Examples, iAcqure Blog

    3 Successful Google+ Local Page Examples, iAcqure Blog-iacquirepost.jpg

    What does it take to have a successful Google+ Local page these days?

    The post below looks at it from a more holistic approach.

    Now that everything is integrated with Google+, it's not just about ranking. It's about engagement.
    The images, the posts, the videos... It's about generating compelling content that helps your business
    get noticed and boosts interaction with your brand.

    3 Examples of Successful Google+ Local Pages | iAcqure Blog

    What does it take to set up and manage a successful Google+ local page? Learn from these three stand-out local page examples.

    According to Moz, Google takes the following factors into consideration when ranking local businesses as of 2013. As seen below, the place page signals are a large portion of Google’s considerations when ranking a website in local search.
    There is also an image from the Moz Local Ranking Factors that summarizes those, if you need a refresher.

    Head over to read the rest.

    Any thoughts to add on the examples shared?
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    Re: 3 Successful Google+ Local Page Examples, iAcqure Blog

    I noticed that Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ had their Google+ page connected to YouTube, but Wheeling Island didn't. Also Wheeling Island could have added more categories. All in all a great article to make sure we are focused on the details.

    Things I make sure to do for every client:
    • maximize relevant categories
    • add full description, sometimes with links to internal pages
    • add hours
    • add quality logo and cover
    • link to YouTube

    I never thought to add links to social media in the description, as Big Mill Bed & Breakfast does.

    I have verified links to website on some, but I now am going to push harder to do that for everyone.

    Good thread.
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