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Thread: Pimp Your Google+ Local Page with these 22 Rock Solid Tips

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    Pimp Your Google+ Local Page with these 22 Rock Solid Tips

    Philip Rozek just published an update to his awesomely popular 2012 post, "How to Pimp Your Local Google+ Page" over at the Whitespark blog.

    How to Pimp Your Local Google+ Page

    If you hustle, you can be the only one in your 'hood with a pimped Google page that makes mad bank.

    You may remember the post I wrote over 2 years ago, How to Pimp Your Google Places Listing. That's old-school. Less than 4 months after I wrote it, Google retired the old Places pages. Much else has changed in the last couple of years - with the most-recent big change being the “My Business” rollout.

    In that time, I've put together a whole new bag of tricks for pimping a Google page...

    These tips should still apply even if local Google+ / Google Places pages get a new name a month from now. It's possible. Google's “local” department has gone through more name-changes than Larry King has gone through wives.

    Given that the dust seems to have settled for a few minutes on the new types of Google pages, I can finally give you my suggestions for how to pimp yours.
    Head over to check it out.

    Great info Phil and love the images!
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    Re: Pimp Your Google+ Local Page with these 22 Rock Solid Tips

    I think I will make a "Pimp Tips" checklist

    I didn't know removing tabs was possible (#22) but a great suggestion for, like you said, funneling that attention to the other tabs.

    Great post, Phil!
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    Re: Pimp Your Google+ Local Page with these 22 Rock Solid Tips

    Thanks, Linda and Amber!

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