Another Call Tracking Setup Question

I have a client that owns apartments.

I am in the process of wanting to do a citation push and saw that the GMB number was different than the one on their website.

I asked which one was the main phone number. They told me that they use the 2 different numbers for call tracking. The website number to track website calls and the GMB number to track GMB calls.

I never encountered this because I have always told clients to have 1 unique Name, Address and phone per location.

For example sake let's say there numbers are
512-999-0001 - GMB number
512-999-0002 - Website number

What would be the best way to handle this situation?

Would this work?

1. Create a secondary number on Google My Business that contains the website phone number (512-999-0002) and use the GMB number (512-999-0001) for citation push.
2. Add schema markup to the website that includes the Google My Business phone number (512-999-0001)



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The only thing I would change would be to push the website number out to citations not the GMB number. It's best for citation building to have the number match what's on your site for verification purposes.

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