Anyone know of a Pinging service for URL's and Title Tags?


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Hi All,

I'm looking for a pinging service that will send an alert if a URL or Title tag has changed. We are working with a CMS that it's easy to change URL's without the user knowing. Also, we have several people pushing live content with very little oversight. We've experienced URL's changing as well as Title tags without know who or what caused the change.

I would think this would be a simple tool but quick searches on Google doesn't look promissing.

Anyone know of a tool that does this?


Linda Buquet

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Hey Chris,

There were a couple I used years ago to track content changes on specific pages, but not sure they'd pick up title tag and URL changes. Plus you had to add the tracker for each page manually. Didn't rack full sites.

If there's one out there, I'm sure someone here would know.
If you are using WordPress, iThemes Security plugin has this as an option:

File Change Detection
Even the best security solutions can fail. How do you know if someone gets into your site? You will know because they will change something. File Change detection will tell you what files have changed in your WordPress installation alerting you to changes not made by yourself. Unlike other solutions, this plugin will look only at your installation and compare files to the last check instead of comparing them with a remote installation thereby taking into account whether or not you modify the files yourself.


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Thanks Linda and travelincat. I am looking for a site wide application. Unfortunatley they aren't on WordPress but most of our clients are so it's good to know iThemes has that capability.

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