Beacons Are Dead?

I remember first hearing about beacons a year or 2 ago like it was going to be the next big marketing craze. This article points out some reasons why it's struggled to take off:

What do you guys think? Do any of your clients use beacons?
I still hear a lot about it but I was concerned it may never take off in the first place. You have to have an opt in like everything in life and who would opt in to that? People treat their phone with more caution than they do their address or email.

Eric Rohrback

Staff member
I think the concept is interesting from both a marketer and consumer standpoint, but I agree that consumers just aren't there yet. So many variables are needed to fall in line - phone with bluetooth enabled, app download, opt in... it's a lot unless you're really aware of the beacon and understand what it's doing (which most don't).

Hopefully the technology will get simpler and the adoption rate will improve. We'll see what happens.

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