Dan from Columbus, OH checking in

Dan Foland

Local Search Expert
Local Search Expert
Sep 25, 2018
Hey all,

I've been in the SEO world for roughly 10 years and heavy in local SEO for roughly 6 years. I've followed many of you for years including @JoyHawkins, @Phil Rozek, @Colan Nielsen and more, which is one of the reasons why I'm excited to join the community.

I'm currently the SEO Director for a marketing agency that specializes in marketing for attorneys & law firms. Previous clients of mine included physicians, dentists, fortune 100 companies, internationally recognized companies, tech companies, SAAS companies, health systems all over the US, E-commerce companies, B2B, small 1 person businesses, and just about any other type of business you can think of.

I'm hoping to help others just as much as I'm hoping to learn from you all. IMO there's nothing like the SEO community. We're all in this together and share industry information freely.

I don't tweet as much as I'd like to, but feel free to add your username below for a follow. Or follow me @DanFoland and I'll follow back.

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