GMB "Agency Dashboard" Problems or Confusion


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Here are the answers I got back from Google:

Question 2: What is the relationship between Location Groups and non-Organizational accounts? If different, this would explain why we were unable to transfer listings from Location Group Full to Location Group Empty as the Account was different.

The main difference I can think of is that Organization accounts require LGs below them and personal accounts don't. If the transfer isn't removing access from the source LG, sounds like a bug -- can we get a video?

Question 3: For locations that we have created in the Organizational Account from scratch, what is the most effective way to transfer them into another Account en masse since transferring them to a Location Group and sharing access to that Location Group with a G Suite account does not seem to be working?
Sharing access and then removing access to the LG should be the solution for this, I guess. But, is this just a workaround to continue receiving notifications?

Question 4: Are we correct in assuming that the Location Group functionality only works for ‘normal’ Accounts to share Location Groups with Organizational Accounts, but not vice versa (for Organizational Accounts to serve as a medium to transfer listings between different accounts)? Perhaps we are doing something wrong?
Not sure whats being suggested here. Once again, a video would help because I think access controls for LGs should be the same across personal and Org accounts.
Hi Joy,

Thank you for getting back with my questions. In the mean time, I have managed to move the listings into Location Groups and share the access and it looks like the notifications are still working, so long as we have less than 100 listings in our original account.

I feel like what I was experiencing before was perhaps a glitch, since I haven't been able to recreate it.

I would like to say all is well, but there are still regular glitches with the Agency Account, most recently not being able to accept or send invitations. I was away for that portion of the saga on vacation, but at least it seems we are getting regularly notified... for now.

Thanks again for all the help and clarification!


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Currently I can't get the "Manage Locations" tab to load in the dashboard at all. Is that happening to you too?
Hi Joy,

That particular glitch did not occur at any point yesterday, between 9am-5pm EST on my end! However, I have seen that happen before where the loading bar just loads and loads.

It seems to be a periodic thing that just goes away after awhile - In some instances has been a days-long occurrence. Definitely not good.

Hope you got your functionality back!

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