GMB Duplicate Nightmare

Wondering if anyone has experienced this lovely scenario before:

Client comes to me asking to help set up/manage their yext account (client purchased this account on their own). A few days later, we receive notification that the subscription has been cancelled and refunded.

Turns out, Client's previous marketing company already created a Yext profile on Client's behalf (without Client's knowledge) AND said Yext profile seems to have created & verified a new GMB profile, despite the fact that the client already had an existing verified GMB profile (dashboard now shows the original one as duplicate/unpublished)

have been going back and forth with Yext and the previous marketing company for about a month to either transfer/deactivate the old account, but according to Yext, the only way to do this is to have the previous marketing company voluntarily cancel their account.

Initially the other marketing company said they would help facilitate this but have stopped responding for the past few weeks, and Yext keeps saying the only thing we can do is contact the other company.

Wondering what's the best way to deal with the GMB accounts in this mixup?

Colan Nielsen

Staff member
Hey Devon,

Can you confirm if there is a physical duplicate listing? In other words, are there actually two listings now or did you just get the "duplicate" notification in GMB and lose access to the one listing.

If you are able to share the business NAP that would help us troubleshoot for you.


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