GMB Posts Not Shown in Chrome Incognito Tabs?

Is this something that everyone else already knew? #latetotheparty

In incognito tabs in chrome, search for a brand for which you are certain that GMB posts exist. For me, at least, in the KP for that brand when viewed in a chrome incognito window, the posts don't appear.

Is that something that is already a known issue? Can others reproduce this?

and you weren't logged into a google account in that incognito tab?
and this was in Chrome?

Ok, well, this is why I'm asking. Maybe it's just happening to me. I really hate being "special" in that way.

Scott Rawlins

Staff member
However, just noticed for another client that a G Post that was added just 4 days ago is showing in Chrome, but not Firefox. Logged into a G account on both. Odd! G Posts bug?

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