Google Partner help forum moved to new Google forum platform

Oct 25, 2013
I imagine anyone this pertains to already knows about this, but I haven't seen anyone post it here, and just thought it was interesting. As of a day or two ago, the new Google forum platform has a 4th forum for Google Partners.

before it was just Google My Business, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics that was moved to the new platform... now Google Partners is there instead. I'm a little surprised that one got put there instead of some of the other important forums (Webmaster Central Help forum for example) though since old posts in the original GMB help forum just get redirected to the forum home page, that's a ton of old content that's effectively deleted now, or at least not readable without a lot of workaround... it'd be a shame to see that happen to the webmaster (or other) archives too.

Anyway, just thought I'd share, in case there were any Google Partners (or people interested in that program) that didn't already know.
Mar 25, 2014
Thanks for sharing James. I saw that yesterday and wasn't sure if it was new or I'd just not seen it before :)

I think Partners is there because it all falls under the 'Advertiser' umbrella whereas something like Search Console doesn't (at the moment) - but that is me just hypothesising.

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