Google picked up a really weird title from my new website.


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Hi, I hope this is the correct forum for this type of question (first time posting)

I just created a new website and as normal registered it with Google and made a link from another website so it can be found.

The problem is the Google has chosen to display a really weird title for it in it's organic search page. It actually shows my unique ADMIN wordpress username in it as the first characters and no description even though I have the YEOST SEO plugin installed and setup correctly.

My question is - Is it just a matter of waiting a few days before Google fixes it and displays the correct title? It's already been 4 days but maybe I am too impatient.

How the heck did Google pickup my ADMIN Username anyway?

I hope someone can help me as my admin username in the title is freaking me out :)

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your reply DJ. I have just made some setting changes that hopefully will fix the issue and just waiting for Googlebot to find the changes.

I will let you know if the problem still persists.

Thanks Again :)
Definitely odd.

I've worked on hundreds of WordPress sites over the years and never had it happen. The ONLY thing I could think of is if the page had no real information on it (blank page) but if you installed Yoast, and had your Username set as the Author Name. Possibly even displaying Author as text on the page.

Even then, that would be more SCHEMA markup than a Title for the page - but that's the only possible crossover that I could see happening.

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