Greetings from Down Under!

Jan 26, 2016
Hi, I am Adam from Melbourne, Australia and it is great to have found this forum.

I have been learning about digital marketing for a long time, and I can also create WordPress sites, My first site went live last week Jewish Radio and Jewish Podcasts | J-Air Radio and while it is not SEO optimised because it was a big time suck just building the site from scratch, overall I am pretty impressed with what I was able to do without much first-hand knowledge of WordPress or the help of a front-end CSS designer. We have nearly 50 podcasts each week so it is a pretty big effort to get all that working, including migrating everyone at the start of the year from Soundcloud to OmnyStudio.

I have been looking for a niche specifically in digital marketing which I can call my own, and I think it is definitely Local Search. Moz Local and Yext don't work down here, so there is not really any focus on local SEO.

Case in point, I walked around the largest, newest and most expensive shopping mall which opened about 18 months ago in the centre of Melbourne - I was taking photos of shop fronts to post on Google Maps under my own name, as if I reach Level 4 as a Local Guide I get 1TB of drive storage for free...anyway I found that in this exclusive shopping mall, out of 150 business, maybe 1 of them had any kind of effort put into their Google listing - description, reviews, etc. Most of them had not claimed their listing, and full half of them did not even have a listing hence I could not upload a photo. These are businesses that pay thousands of dollars each month for rent....including many that have multiple stores around the city or country.

I am also offering another solution which is complementary to Local SEO and that is 360? virtual tours. I now have all the equipment to take high quality panoramic photos which I can use to create virtual tours that I can submit them to Google as part of the Street View Trusted program, and use a seperate more powerful platform to be embedded on a website and social media. This means that I can shoot the "See Inside" photos that you see when searching for business on Google Search and Google Maps.

From what I can tell, there is no specific Local SEO experts in Australia for physical locations, and there are only 18 trusted photographers in Melbourne, 81 in Australia. Most of them are photographers and really don't have the skills in Local SEO.

So I hope to learn a lot from this forum (I have already printed out a bunch of stuff) and build a successful career out of Local search and 360? virtual tours. I very much want to stay focused on location-based marketing, as I look at other opportunities to bring technology to clients such as indoor mapping, digital signage, the next generation of beacons, etc.


Colan Nielsen

Staff member
Jul 19, 2012
Welcome Adam! Glad you found this resource. It's a gem.

We actually have at least one member(s) from Australia who are Local SEO experts.

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Hey Adam,

Welcome and it sounds like you are super focused on building a local search business, that's great!
360 tours are so cool and compatible so that was a good call too.

I actually have a few Aussie consultants that have taken my Local Search training.

Plus 2 of my closest associates are from Au. Priya Chandra one of my Top Contributors here at the forum and is also a moderator, soon to be co-owner at my Local Search Dynamics Google+ Community. She's also a a Google Top Contributor. She's in Canberra.

And Margaret Ornsby is another AU consultant that's active here and is also one of my moderators and soon to be co-owner at Local Search Dynamics. She's from Melbourne.

Both of them have taken my training and are very sharp. You can find a link to their profiles at the bottom of the forum homepage, if you want to connect with them.
Margaret's user name is Wonderwoman. Priya uses her real name.

Anyway welcome again and good luck with your new ventures!
Mar 25, 2014
hi Adam,

Welcome to the forum! You're right - Local SEO doesn't get as much of a showing in Australia as it does elsewhere, and it is difficult to find other local SEO consultants who understand the differences between here and other countries.

It's great to see a new face in the local area (so to speak -as Linda mentioned, I'm in Canberra but Melbourne is my spiritual home :) ) and if you need to chew the fat with an Aussie based Local SEOer, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Forum Member
Jan 8, 2014
I'm from Australia - quite a few dodgy SEO companies in Australia plenty still out there blasting sites with PBN links and using tactics from 5-10 years ago.

Still amazed at how many clients we onboard that have been paying for SEO but Gmaps listing not claimed and not even a title and meta description written for the homepage.

Brightlocal works great in AU

Re your shopping mall comment,
this is typical of retailers in Australia. My sister at one point was actually a marketing manager for 4 shopping malls in Perth.

We run ongoing free small business (sometimes $50 to attend) workshops (funded by the government) on different topics (SEO, Adwords, Ecommerce, Cloud tools, conversion, photography, biz basics, content marketing). We did multiple letter box drops to the letterboxes at one of the centres as a marketing test, not a single person attended the workshops.

My sister explained that the retailers didn't have the sharpest commercial minds. Most had no email or computer in store (she had to print physical memos instead of emailing updates) and the stores that were struggling, instead of amping up the marketing they wanted rent relief.

It's crazy because from where we sit, online marketing has never been easier in Australia simply because so many businesses suck at it.

This is the general strategy we're rolling out for SMBs in AU at the moment. Almost all get to the top spots eventually (when they take our advice :) )
E49 - Small Business Online Marketing Plan & Blueprint for 2016 - Business Marketing Show

Re virtual tours
- my biz partner on another venture Matt runs a commercial photography studio ( and and tried the Google virtual tour thing and it didn't really get traction. We tried to push it but found that it was hard enough to get customers to do just simple photography let alone virtual tours.

Our conversion strategy is built around the 3Ps of photography - your people, premises, products/services

Once they've done commercial photography we generally push them towards doing an "about us" style video. Check out the homepage of and you'll see what I mean re the video

Matt has built a great business, if you're digging into photog services in Australia this podcast is worth having a listen to, it will give you a feel for how he frames and sells commercial photography services: Is Photography the Online Marketing Silver Bullet?

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