Greetings from Florida!

Good Morning Local Search Forum,

My name is James; I love pizza and sleep very little. I am a badged Google Partner agency owner and involved in the various aspects of technology and marketing for a very long time now. I am a Google Top Contributor (PE/product expert) for Google Partners, Google Ads, and Google My Business... and a Rising Star for Google AdWords Express. You can read more here and here.

I also own a licensed automotive modification facility that focuses on the technology components (not a grease shop). I started designing and building consumer products in the late 1970's. I was raised working on cars, repairing Windows computers, creating branding for businesses, and basically being way too serious, way too young. I am a dedicated technologist with a passion for advertising.

Many of the member's names in this community are well known and people I respect, with some considered friends. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and sharing some, too.

Kind Regards,



Staff member
Welcome to the Local Search Forum, James. :)

Coincidentally, I also love pizza and sleep erratically - basically, when I can, I sleep. When I can't, I get up and check my sites. :eek:

Yes, as you can probably guess, my social calendar is filled to the brim. :D

Linda Buquet

Staff member
Hey James,

So glad you joined us! Joy and Colan are moderators and super active here, as you likely know and many of the other TCs participate sometimes too.

Welcome aboard! Everyone here is super nice and helpful, so I'm sure you'll fit right in!

Thanks for saying Hi, Linda

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