Guess What My Dog is Allergic To???

Linda Buquet

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Kayli, my Mini Aussie has been so itchy and miserable that I finally bit the bullet and paid for allergy testing. So glad I did cuz I was literally barking up the wrong tree!

Guess what Kayli's WORST allergy is... it's ME!


Sharing this in case it helps anyone else, cuz well... who knew?
(FYI cats can suffer from the same thing.)

Yep she's allergic to human dander. (Just like people can be allergic to dog dander.) It's actually quite common and of course all people have dander. When you itch or change clothes or even just move it flies in the air and it's everywhere. (Google: human dander allergy in dogs.)

She has several other allergies too, but me and potatoes are the worst!

So vacuum A LOT? Wash sheets often? Some kind of barrier between us in bed so she doesn't lay in the same place my flaky skin lands??? Allergy meds. Diet change.

BUT there is really no way I can totally remove the worst allergen, since I can't get rid of ME - and I'm not going to quit snuggling her either.

Sheesh! The life of a fur Mom ...


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I can honestly say I have never heard of that.

I used to get weekly personalized anti-allergy shots many years ago, for about 3 years...

Can Kayli get anti-Linda shots? :D

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