Hello from Indonesia


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Hello everyone.

Tomorrow would be my 7th day joining this awesome forum. Been looking around and "awesome" is truly understatement.

I'm from Indonesia - and yes I can do English to Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) translation if you need one for your content... or anything.

Also I'm currently developing an international local business directory and working on increasing its authority.

Hope I can be a valuable member, as this forum has to me in only 6 days joining.

Welcome Dhany, glad you found us! This forum has been a huge help to me for years, I'm sure you'll find the same. Looking forward to seeing you around.


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Thanks James. I rarely introduced myself, I even seldom post anything in forums. Mostly being a lurker. This is an exception since I see and experienced great value within short times.
Creating something dedicated to all of us here.

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