Help - Google Posts not showing

I have a client in Scotland (I am based in the UK) with a listing for a Holiday Home Letting Agency and there is no menu item in the GMB Dashboard for Posts.

I was trying to show the feature to the client and what was very odd was that if they looked at my own businesses Knowledge Graph as an example of a Google Post showing in search results, they could not see my post even though I could.

It was as if the feature is suppressed for businesses and users based in Scotland!

What other explanations could there be?

If anyone wishes to check out my client the business is Loch Ryan Cottages, Cairnryan, Stranraer, DG9 8QY.
I am answering my own help query here having done some research.

Google's help system within GMB says that it does not currently offer the Post feature for accommodation related businesses.

That does not explain why my client could not see my live post, but that is not serious.

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