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Has anyone ever had any luck getting Localstack to update a listing (without claiming) or remove a duplicate? Anyone know of a contact for them besides the form that doesn't seem to go to anyone?

When the change from Mojopages first kicked in, if I filled out the support form, I sometimes got a reply saying they needed to get the suggestion from 3 different IPs before they'd review it, which... whatever. But they've been unresponsive for at least a year now.

Also their HVAC category seems to be gone; all of my HVAC clients are listed as holistic and alternative medicine or something like that, and I've filled out the support form for help, to no avail.

Any suggestions?
The problems with LocalStack started about 4 months ago. First the phone verification option stopped working, and then we realized the whole site had been seemingly abandoned. We used to be able to get duplicate listings removed by contacting support, but support has been unreachable for the past 3-4 months. It is possible that the site has been left on its own (similar to what happened with Yellowbot, for example, about 2-3 years ago). That is why we removed it from our most recent list of top citation sources for US businesses (it used to be among the top 50).

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