Real Estate, Layers, Doctors & Dentists... Accountants?


I've come across something today I hadn't seen before - individual pages for accountants at a firm. I know practitioners in Real Estate, Layers, Doctors & Dentists can have individual pages. But I hadn't seen accountants.

Is (or was) this part of Google's policy, or is it a residue of someone being "creative"?

Linda Buquet

Staff member
The unwritten rule on this is so vague, but I think Google looks at as whether or not the professional would be seen as a distinct business entity. In other words if he/she might be listed as an individual in industry directories or whether customers might want to review the specific professional as opposed to the company.

I've never seen a case of accountants having individual listings. I can kind of see it. They are professionals, but I'm not sure if it complies or is stretching the boundaries.

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