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I would like to get some information regarding the algorithm that Google map uses in order to indicate the traffic situation on a particular road. I work for Kuwait EPA and along with my colleagues at Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, we are working on developing an Emissions Inventory for Kuwait. This requires us to calculate Vehicle Emissions in the country and we are looking for ways to get information related to the amount of traffic.

We are trying to see if we could use traffic information from Google map to calculate Vehicle emissions and would like to know how google maps display traffic situation using various colors.

  1. Does google map monitor the number of vehicles on the road, the speed of travel etc?
  2. Is this information available for our use?
  3. What's the logic behind maps indicating Red, Orange, and Blue colors on a recommended route on the map depending on the amount of traffic?
If this is not the right forum to raise this question, please suggest an alternative.



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That's an interesting question. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer but I'll watch this thread for other replies. :)

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