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Simple questions... does it fall under SEO? Is it standalone? Is it the responsibility of the SEO? Do you offer it as part of your general SEO services? Local services only? Do you treat it as completely unrelated to SEO? If you feel you are responsible, to what capacity? Education of clients? What else? I did participate in the webinar yesterday but wanted to start a separate dialog.

Had an interesting discussion among some friends today, none of which are in the SEO world. They feel it is not an SEO "issue" per say and feel that reputation management is totally separate. I don't fully agree as I feel it falls under the SEO tree. How high up on the tree is a different question but it got me thinking about how others look at reviews and reputation management. So I thought I would ask.
I treat it as completely separate.

I know businesses that have no google places listing and no website :eek:. However they do have multiple reviews on multiple review sites and as a result are getting new customers.
Perhaps not as many as if they had those other things, but it functions as a marketing channel on its own and that's why it's separate for me.

Does become one of the first things I do if I can and always try to include it with SEO - after I explain SEO today is not what most people think it is (ie not link building, article spinning, etc)...

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