Understanding Google and Alphabet

As of Oct 2, Google is now under the umbrella of Alphabet. So, what is the difference?

What's the difference between Google and Alphabet?

On 2 October, 11 years after its creation, Google officially became a subsidiary of a new holding company called Alphabet. The Google brand remains dedicated to internet-related products and services, while other projects have been spun off into their own companies under the Alphabet umbrella.
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Thanks K.G ORPHANIDES for the info!

What do you think???

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Linda Buquet

Staff member
Thanks Justin. I'm interested in reading when I can because I still don't get Google and Alphabet. I mean I do in concept I guess, but could use some more insights!
My understanding was that...

  • Google becomes a part of Alphabet.
  • Everything internet-related (search, Gmail, etc.) would stay under Google.
  • Products outside of Google (glucose-sensing contact lenses, self-driving cars, etc.) would be just under Alphabet.

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