Verified GMB listing with no street number - how to proceed?

Hi all,

I have a curious case of a client with a verified GMB listing with the address in the GMB dashboard being just the street name - no number (and it's not set up as a SAB). According to the client it was verified online (not sure if it was via email or Search Console) with no post card required.

It gets a little grey here because the business (fishing charter) really does operate from that street, but it can't receive any mail there. The mailing address and official business address is his home address a few blocks away.

That street is where the boat ramp is located and from where the charter boat actually departs. Interestingly, the boat ramp actually has its own GMB listing with both the street name and number.

The client obviously wants to show up in local/maps at the boat ramp but each option going forward presents difficulties:

1) Leave the GMB dash with just the street name - but this will cause issues building consistent citations (currently a bit of a mess) as I presume I'll need a street number for them?

2) Change the GMB address to add the street number - risks a post card being delivered to an address at which he can't receive mail.

Would the "located in" feature also be an option in this scenario? As in "located in" the boat ramp.

Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated!

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