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Linda Buquet

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We're launching another new forum today that's long overdue:
Local Search Events, Webinars & Webinar Replays

I moved some of the recent webinar replays and conference announcements in, so there are videos to watch in this section already. Stay tuned for more to be added as they come up.

Check out all the action in the new forum here.

I have a REALLY good webinar replay to post this AM. You don't want to miss it!
Hang on while I get that post ready.

Feel free to share your Event Announcements & Webinars here!

P.S. in case you missed it, yesterday we launched a new Adwords & Pay-to-Play forum, so check it out too.

HUGE THANKS goes out to David Baxter, our forum admin for helping me get these new forums set up. It takes a lot of back end work I could not do myself, so appreciate you David!
Re: Welcome to the New Events & Webinars Forum

That's a great idea Linda, I hadn't even thought of a sub forum for that, but there's a ton of great events and material being put out there, makes sense to organize it all in one place.

Linda Buquet

Staff member
Re: Welcome to the New Events & Webinars Forum

Thanks James!

The goal for awhile now, is to become the one stop shop for everything Local Search related.

I just got slowed down with my hand injuries, which I still have - but am working on ramping my hours back up some, hopefully without sending myself 3 steps back again. :eek:

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