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Thread: Local Visibility! Top Biz Directory and IYP Ranking Factors

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    Arrow Local Visibility! Top Biz Directory and IYP Ranking Factors

    Phil from Local Visibility System just did a great post about the ranking factors for top Yellow Page sites and Local directories.

    Learn How to Get High!

    IYP Ranking Factors: Getting Visible in Local-Biz Directories |

    If you’re in a competitive local market, you’re going to want every edge you can get.

    More specifically: you’ll want every promising eyeball you can get (not to sound creepy or anything). On the whole, many people use IYP sites – partly because Google usually ranks them above or right below its own local search results.

    That’s why you need to know basically how these third-party directory sites rank their business listings: as on Google, on these sites there are visible businesses and invisible ones. You want yours to be in the first group.

    These sites influence your Google+Local rankings, too, but that’s another story.

    Click over to read the rest!
    What do you think?
    Anything to add?
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    Re: Local Visibility! Top Biz Directory and IYP Ranking Factors

    Not a lot of surprises. When I've thought of IYP sites the first thing that comes to mind is "sponsored listings" or paid search. I definitely thought reviews played a bigger role for Insiderpages than they do. That was probably the bigger surprise for me from this article. Nice find and thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Local Visibility! Top Biz Directory and IYP Ranking Factors

    Another excellent piece by Phil!

    I'm not surprised to see that reviews seem to be the main ranking factor (besides forking out some Benjamins).

    Another great reason to encourage clients to get reviews on all these great sites instead of focusing on Google+ Local on it's own.

    Thanks for sharing Linda!

    Thanks for taking the time to research this Phil!
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    Re: Local Visibility! Top Biz Directory and IYP Ranking Factors

    Thanks a bunch for the feedback, everbody!

    And thanks, Linda, for the posting.

    I agree. I was relieved not to find anything that turned my understanding of these sites upside-down. The few hours I spent were, more than anything else, a confirmation of what Iíd noticed before but never really dug into. Sounds like thatís the case with you, too (great!).

    No problem Ė thanks for weighing in!

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