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Thread: Your Field Guide to “Barnacle” Local SEO |

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    Your Field Guide to “Barnacle” Local SEO |

    Wanted to share Phil's latest and greatest post with you guys.

    You may or may not have heard the term “Barnacle” Local SEO, but it's a great strategy that deserves a deeper look. Here is a snippet that explains in part...

    Your Field Guide to “Barnacle” Local SEO |

    Will Scott coined the term “barnacle SEO” and explained the basic strategy back in 2008 (!). It’s a clever but very doable strategy based on a fact you probably know already: that there are certain sites that Google consistently ranks really well for local searches. It has favorites.

    Of course, the Google+ Local and AdWords results take center stage. But there are always the organic rankings. A few of them belong to local businesses. Most or all of the rest of them typically point to Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, CitySearch, even Yahoo, and other third-party sites. In a way, you can mooch off their popularity (and the good job of SEO they do).

    Your goal – as a humble barnacle – is to latch onto those big ships. They can take you places. There are a few ways to go about doing that.
    Head over to read the rest and learn how to become a barnacle!
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    Re: Your Field Guide to “Barnacle” Local SEO |

    Thanks, Linda!
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    Re: Your Field Guide to “Barnacle” Local SEO |

    Thank for the post Linda and Phil. Will definitely be messing around with this...

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