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Thread: Expanded Local Onsite SEO Video Training Course

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    Exclamation Expanded Local Onsite SEO Video Training Course

    Local Onsite SEO Training
    with Automated Local SEO Template System

    On-Demand, Online Video Course - No More Scheduling Conflicts

    The new, improved and expanded On-site Local SEO Training with Automated SEO Template System is finally ready. (Many pros I've trained say it's more dynamic & helpful to ranking than the G+ L training was, due to the secret sauce tips no one else knows or teaches.)

    I teach you the exact strategies and techniques I used to boost rankings on average from #16 to #2 for Dentists I did Local SEO for and will share several examples of actual clients I achieved high ranking for.

    What I teach is a total strategy and includes a step-by-step formula for Local SEO that works! I teach showing real examples of clients I’ve gotten top rankings for. I give you the exact formula. Then go into detail on some very advanced techniques I’ve never seen anyone else share.

    Now in bite-sized On-Demand video modules - no more scheduling issues. Take whenever you have time.

    New expanded course includes:

    4 training videos - 5+ hours of training (expanded from 2 1/2 hours)

    35 pages of training docs w/ around 40 links to additional resources

    Also included is the Automated Local SEO Template

    (Boils 2 - 3 hours of grunt work into about 15 minutes)

    And to top it all off a private support forum with new advance tips and training updates as Google changes or I discover new techniques.

    What you will learn

    .:. I give you my complete Local SEO strategy, how to do it and why it works

    .:. Discover my “secret sauce” Local SEO technique that boosts ranking (hardly anyone knows about this)

    .:. Find out how to dominate the SERPs and get your clients DOUBLE page one rankings

    .:. Discover 7 now 8 types of “local hooks”. (But don’t need to learn all the different types of coding because the Automated Template System will do most of work for you.)

    .:. Find best ways to set up multi-location businesses to avoid merges and ranking problems and tips for ranking in surrounding cities

    .:. Learn by seeing real examples of real clients who have real good rankings

    A Few Advanced Tips & Tricks Covered

    Advanced Local Ranking Tip #1 LINDA’S SPECIAL SECRET SAUCE LOCAL SEO TIP –

    – I teach a special secret sauce tip that Google LOVES for local! NO one else teaches this or talks about it and hardly anyone knows about it. Trust me when I tell you if you know this YOUR clients will have an edge – so we don’t want everyone learning to do this and abusing it.

    I’ll show you numerous examples of sites that rank #1 and my Dental site that has a DOUBLE #1, largely due to this technique. TOTALLY white hat and Google loves it. It’s just that no one thinks to do it. It’s under non-disclosure and can’t be sold or shared publicly. Because if every Tom, Dick and spammer started doing it, then Google would tweak the algo and it would cease to work. PLUS if all your competitors started using it, you’d lose this special advantage.

    Advanced Ranking Tip #2 - How to get double page one rankings. (In organic AND in blended)

    Will share one of my clients that I was able to get a DOUBLE #1 for. #1 organic plus the #1 (A spot) in local and will show you exactly how I did it.

    Advanced Ranking Tip #3 - Special Techniques for embedding the Google map on your client site. So hot that – well that’s all I’ll say about it right now.

    Advanced Ranking Tip #4 – How to Get Sites Spidered and Re-Indexed and RANKING Faster

    I’ll share some tricks to get client sites spidered and re-indexed faster because that’s a problem for local sites. Many of these small biz sites just don’t get much traffic, therefore may not be spidered very often. So if I’m going to go to all the trouble to optimize the site, I’m not going to sit back and hope/wait for the Google spider. I force feed her the changes to get my client’s site re-indexed faster. I’ve been doing this for years and have a site that ranks #1 out of 300 million competing.


    I teach 7, now 8 types of "local hooks". To learn to code them all, get them in the right place, tweak everything just right can take 2 – 3 hours. But with my Automated Template Systems you don’t need to learn all the different types of coding because IT will do most of work for you. Boils 2 – 3 hour of work down into 20 minutes. AND my pros love that it helps eliminates mistakes too!

    PROS I've trained that have been doing SEO for 11 years, have said things like:

    “WOW why didn’t I ever think to do this for my team? This saves so much time,
    so many headaches and repeat tweaking - AND eliminates the chance of mistakes.”


    This program is for consultants, SEOs and agencies only.
    (But I'll have a new one soon that business owners can take.)

    Please contact me to request complete details, requirements for attending and price.

    Here are details about my other course: Advanced Google G+ Local Training.
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