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    Question Will Facebook Graph Search Impact Local Search Industry?

    By now you've all heard the announcement about Facebook Graph Search and many of you may be wondering how this could possibly affect local search.

    I was thinking about doing a roundup of leading coverage and opinions, but Mike Blumenthal just did a great job of that and quoted all the same people I would have: Greg Sterling, Matt McGee and Danny Sullivan. So I'll just curate and send you over to Mike's.

    Facebook Graph Search and Local From Across the Web- Let the Fight Begin

    Facebook with the rollout of Graph Search (terrible name) is staking its ground in local search. Here are selected comments from Matt McGee, Danny Sullivan & Greg Sterling that I thought summarized the situation well:
    Plus here's a related post our Admin David posted here yesterday about how Bing ties in:

    What do you guys think?
    Is the new Facebook Graph Search going to impact local much?
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