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    Local Search is Like a Game of Twister - Video: Game Theory and Local via BIA/Kelsey

    I just watched a brilliant video from BIA/Kelsey Local Media Watch.

    In the conference video below Rick Ducey breaks the local marketing challenge down by using a very compelling game theory - which shows older marketing games we used to play like BattleShip and Whack a Mole!

    But then he goes on to say today's marketing needs to be more like a game of TWISTER, the goal is connections, connectivity and engagement with as many touch points as possible! (DYNAMITE VIDEO BELOW)

    Beyond Advertising, the New Local “Stack”
    Read the full post there and watch the really compelling and informative video below.

    Game Theory and "Local"

    Play button is hard to see but PRESS IT - worth a watch and it's a short video.

    What do you think???

    I love the Twister analogy - don't you?

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