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    Arrow 20+ Signals That Boost Your Local Search Visibility

    Here is a really good post by Andrew Shotland over at Search Engine Land I wanted to share with you guys, in case you missed it.

    20+ Signals That Make Your Business Easier To Find In Local Search Engines

    While we usually talk about how to rank well in Google, there are plenty of non-Google local search engines such as Yelp,, CityGrid, etc. that have a significant amount of highly-qualified consumer search traffic.

    Each of these sites has its own proprietary search algorithms. It may make sense to study the algorithms of the biggest; but, in general, there are a number of standard basic ways to provide data about your business that can influence how you rank in any local search engine.
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    Re: 20+ Signals That Boost Your Local Search Visibility

    Oh, cool. Haven't read a piece from Andrew in a bit. Going to read, now. Thanks for posting, Linda.
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    Re: 20+ Signals That Boost Your Local Search Visibility

    I think this is a great point. Sometimes we all focus on Google+ Local to much and forget about these other great non-Google search engines. While I have heard some horror stories about Yelp, I have also heard that they can generate quality traffic to your site.
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