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Thread: GMB Places listings for *Recruiting* offices, not customer-facing offices?

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    Re: GMB Places listings for *Recruiting* offices, not customer-facing offices?

    Quote Originally Posted by Colan Nielsen View Post
    Hey Joshua, if a page isn't owner verified, than technically it doesn't fall under the GMB umbrella. At least that is how I understand it. GMB is really just the back-end interface that allows owners to have greater control over and interact with their business listings.

    I think this is a debatable issue, however.
    Yeah, I meant the public interfacing page on Google search. I call it the GMB page. What is everyone else calling it?

    Also, just to clarify, if it's on Google Maps it's making it onto Google Search with a Knowledge Card (what I call the GMB page) and also into the Local Finder, correct?
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    Re: GMB Places listings for *Recruiting* offices, not customer-facing offices?

    I generally refer to the live page as a GMB page, or Google Local page. My point is that Map Maker and non-ownerverified pages have different regulations compared to GMB.

    A good example of this is when you see a page get suspended in the GMB dashboard, but really all that did is remove the page from the dashboard and now it lives as an unverified page, still connected to GMaps. Why? Because the business owner (GMB) violated a GMB guideline, but the page still gets to exist live, but not connected to GMB.
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