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Thread: BrightLocal Spices up Local Ranking Reports with Charts

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    BrightLocal Spices up Local Ranking Reports with Charts

    BrightLocal sent me info about a new update last week that I never had time to share, so here it is.

    See your search rankings in 'glorious technicolor'!
    We've spiced up our ranking reports with some shiny, interactive charts. Now you can visualize your search performance to quickly identify ranking trends across a whole campaign and for each search term.

    Visualize your search ranking performance

    New search engine ranking report charts
    Aggregate Ranking Chart

    Get a birds eye view of your SEO campaign.

    This chart makes it easy to see how your whole campaign is performing and if your aggregate rankings are getting better or worse each week. Identify general trends and see how your SEO efforts are taking flight.

    Search Term Tracker Chart

    Take a splash! Deep-dive into each individual search term.

    This chart makes it easy to view the historical rankings for each keyword on your report. Quickly see which terms are gaining ground and which are sinking. Spot trends early so you can take action to stop the slide.

    See the full post and watch the video for more info here:
    Local Search Rank Checker - Ranking Report Charts for Google, Yahoo & Bing
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    Re: BrightLocal Spices up Local Ranking Reports with Charts

    Hi linda - thanks for the post - much appreciated.

    I will monitor the forum and answer any questions which get posted.

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