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Thread: Google Places Rank Tracking Tools

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    Google Places Rank Tracking Tools

    Hi can anyone recommend any tools out there which can monitor rankings for Google Local Results. Especially for tracking and monitoring results and positions beyond the search results page - see results in list view (like figure 2 below).

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    Figure 2

    Google Places Rank Tracking Tools-screenshot.1929.jpg

    Also is it possible to actually track the URL of Google Plus pages like:

    Or does it have to be a actual website or page.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated!

    Kind Regards,
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    Re: Google Places Rank Tracking Tools

    Hey Matt. Our rank tracker does this tracking. Local Pack, and then Google Maps which is the see results in list view that you mentioned.

    For tracking local rankings we identify your rank based on your phone number. We'll be launching an update soon that allows you to track local based on URL as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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    Re: Google Places Rank Tracking Tools

    Hi Matt, you can use GeoRanker Local Rank Tracker to track Google+ Local rankings.

    For now it works by website URL directly.

    It can also be used to track rankings for the Google Local Carousel by brand name.

    You can use the Free plan for this on GeoRanker
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    Re: Google Places Rank Tracking Tools

    I love the two tools mentioned above but I also really like Bright Local: Local SEO Tools for Agencies & Consultants | BrightLocal

    Use their rank check tool. It reports out on organic results and Google My Business.

    They also have a citation tracker.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: Google Places Rank Tracking Tools

    If you're a local agency, I would highly recommend Places Scout. Mark Kabana provides unbelievable support and the product, in my opinion, is top notch.

    Granted, I have never used WhiteSpark's rank tracker or Bright Local's.

    Just thought I'd throw something in
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    Re: Google Places Rank Tracking Tools

    Thanks for mentioning Scout and Mark's support Joshua.

    As some of you may know I've done a lot of consulting on that product and suggested and/or and BETA tested many of the cool features it has.

    There are lots of great tools out there, but I still call this one the Swiss Army Knife for local because it has so many options in addition to just rank tracking. (Including competitive research, rep management and more.)
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    Re: Google Places Rank Tracking Tools


    Places Scout can track rankings in the local 7-pack (as well as regular organic results), and we have also added support to track rankings from the new Google Maps as outlined in your screenshot.

    We have support for tracking any of the following:

    1) Website URLs (including sub-domains)
    2) Phone numbers (for local organic or Maps Results)
    3) Identifiers (i.e. any text that is in the SERP result text we can match it as a ranking)
    4) Exact Site URLs as entered (useful for tracking only full URLs as entered, such as youtube videos, as well as in your outlined case where you want to track a URL - by default we extract root domain of entered URL and track root domain so we can track all subpages and subdomains - this option allows you to override that so we can track the exact URL as entered by the user)

    Pretty much covers all the various use cases for tracking rankings.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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