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    State of SEO industry: a vent post

    Definitely more competition, but that's not surprising for a low barrier entry service based business. The problem is that anyone can call themselves an SEO or marketing expert, and it's hard to disprove unless you actually work with them and find that they have no idea or results are not...
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    Staffed Regus Office Location Suspended in GMB. Any way to save?

    thanks...we can provide video and such if that would remove the suspension...we've already provided paid invoice receipts showing the locations which should be sufficient proof I'd think
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    Staffed Regus Office Location Suspended in GMB. Any way to save?

    I'm dealing with this issue right now... apparently ALL regus office locations are prohibited from being on GMB? Even if you're paying for an actual office space within the building. Google has basically taken the approach to ban ALL...
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    Suspended Listings

    Hey @JoyHawkins - sorry to hijack this thread but I just posted a forum response on a couple listings that got suspended for a client. Suspended Listings - GMB Support Issues - Google My Business Help Can you escalate for me?
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    GMB Tracking Number Rejected

    If you're adding the # to the website you should be masking the original number, not replacing it, unless they are only ever going to use the call tracking number. If the original number is masked, google still crawls the original number so it doesn't really help unless it's manually reviewed.
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    Change in GMB Business name for lawyers industry

    You can add it to the GMB listing but if it's not your actual practice/business name the odds of someone reporting it or google reverting it back to your original law firm name is quite possible unless you do a few things to help prevent it from happening.
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    Suspensions Triggered By Too Many Edits?

    No, but I tend not to change much information after the initial setup...and if I'm overtaking a listing I'll make edits in small batches.
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    GMB Tracking Number Rejected

    I find the tracking # usually sticks at first, but suggested user edits and google recommendations will sometimes revert to the original number. So you have to keep an eye on the number on the listing because it will sometimes revert back to the main from time to time which makes your call...
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    How to bust a "Marketing & SEO" spammer [Video]

    Could've just reported them online and accomplished the same thing...if they were being super spammy it's only a matter of time until they get taken down.
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    The Google Backlash: Ahrefs to start new search engine

    I want to be optimistic, but I don't know what would convince users to shift away from google search. The Ahrefs guys have a good plan for the business/website owners, but they didn't say anything to convince me that they'll be able to achieve mass usage by the consumers. It would be a long term...
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    Bogus One-Star Google Review?

    flag it.. if you dont hear back, contact/email google support thru your google business listing. they will eventually manually review and give you their outcome. at the end of the day, google doesn't usually remove reviews very often. focus on the good ones so that a random negative one...
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    Problems Removing Competitor Photos from Google Maps

    This is a tough one...if google doesn't help, try the google forums. Or you can just upload new photos and title the photos as the business name and eventually they should appear higher than the competitor photos. At the end of the day, it's not a big deal really unless the client is obsessed...
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    Selling business with practitioner listing

    This is a tricky situation. I assume the dentists office has a google listing for the practice itself too right? If not, just change the dentists name to the practice name. Then update the directories across the web to match. You may lose rankings (f you were ranking), but the reviews should...
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    Is Google creating more listings with data obtained from elsewhere

    Might as well claim them if people can find them by typing in your business name.
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    Fake Competitor Location

    You can still use your home address and set it as a service area business and be fine...if he's publicly showing his address on the listing you may be able to get it suspended...