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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    I can confirm the authors are still able to see their missing reviews. Moreover if they try to delete it and write a new one, the new reviews never will appear. We tried it with 2 clients of our agency that wrote us 2 (different reviews).
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    I opened several cases for different users, they close the case and asked me to wait. I'm pretty sure they have changed the filter and they are testing it with some GMB listings. The thing is that new tool, algorithm or filter is still learning and it's making a lot of mistakes with legitimate...
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    Hello Joy, We opened a case in the Spanish market and GMB support told us it's a bug. The case is still open and it's under investigation. We opened another case today with the same problem in different listing and we got the same answer.
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    Issue With Responding to Q&A on Google My Business

    Hello everyone! I still have this problem. Someone can respond the question as a business owner? Thank you in advance
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    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    You're welcome! By the way, we got suspension last week after uploading a post, and it wasn't by the content, the listing got automatically suspended. First time I saw it :l
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    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    Hi Belen, Many listing are being suspended by edits recently. In our agency, we are trying not to make changes in name, address, geolocation, categories, or urls. And if we need to make any changes, we contact the Google My Business team first and we do it live with them. This is not the best...
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    GMB Q and A's in USA market

    Hello there, I'm wondering if in USA market there is any possibility to sort Q&A's on GMB listings. I know there are different features depending on the country where the business is located. In Europe it's not possible and listings with a large number of questions, it is almost impossible to...
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    Google Street View Editing issue

    Hello ViewEH, I got some problems like yours when I edit pictures on Photoshop. I use panoskin, its for virtual tours, I guess the picture you posted is a 360º, I would recommend you upload that photograph without editing and check if the problem persists. By the way if you are trusted google...
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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    Hi there, For me the most used tools are: - GatherUp Google Review Link Generator (Chrome extension) - SeoQuake - Semrush. For projects - - Isearchfrom Thank you for sharing your tools!