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    Claiming Franchise SABs

    @Colan Nielsen Sometimes the businesses aren't established to begin with so we're having to create a new GMB profile from scratch.
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    Claiming Franchise SABs

    I'm having an issue claiming SABs for company with franchisees across the nation. Is there any way for our legal department to contact Google on behalf of our franchisees claiming the listing or are we still bound by postcard verification?
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    Local Lock

    I have a client that recently got solicited by an organization called Local Lock. Has anyone heard of them? a quick Google Search didn't reveal anything about the company other than the fact it was owned by iHeartMedia. Additionally, they said that one of the tenants in my client's building had...
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    An SEO Contest Exposes Weakness in Google’s Algorithm

    Mike, if you're in the DFW area, he's speaking at a DFWSEM event this Wednesday.
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    Huge News: A New Way to Report Spam on Google My Business

    Does anyone have any idea about how long it will take Google to correct an issue?
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    Does adding service areas create a radius?

    @whitespark based on your testing, it sounds like there's no point to changing your GMB listing from a generic listing with the address hidden to a SAB listing, am I correct? Or is a business with the address hidden by default a SAB? If that's the case (address hidden = SAB by default), then is...
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    Explosion of "Direct Traffic"

    When nailing down direct traffic, I've had the most luck with the following metrics: 1) Network Domain Name 2) Time of Day 3) Landing Page This information coupled with what you know about your client's business and their marketing efforts (i.e. did they send out an email around that time, did...
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    Switching to a SAB?

    I have recently inherited a number of listings under a franchise model that provide a service to an area. By definition, this sounds like a service area business. I'm hesitant to switch everything over however without doing my research. First, what do I have to lose? Secondly, how do I tell if...
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    Acquiring Business - Merging GMB & Reviews

    Changing the name would fix the citation issue, but say the business bought was mentioned in the press prior to the acquisition and had already built up brand equity. Would a more phased approach allow Google to recognize the two entities now as one?
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    Wrong Corporate Logo Showing in Branded Search

    I have had success in the past with marking up the correct logo with structured data on the website. Maybe it will help you as well?
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    Import data from Google My Business in Bing Places for Business

    If you already have most of your listings established on Bing and another email is assigned to the Bing listings, will importing your GMB listings into a new email create duplicate listings?
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    New Website - Changing Content, Site Architecture, and Code all at Once

    Thanks so much Rich!! This is exactly what I was looking for!
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    New Website - Changing Content, Site Architecture, and Code all at Once

    I read a while back that Google discouraged you from changing everything at once when you do a website redesign, but I can't find a record of that anywhere. I've found lots of articles on migrating websites, but it seems to me like those articles are more about the domain changing. Is there any...
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    GMB Posts UTM Codes

    Hi Margaret, Make sure that you're updating your channel groupings in Google Analytics if you're planning on using parameters not listed in Google's default channel definitions. I believe the way it stands now, your links would be classified under the channel grouping "Other" Here's a link to...
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    Posting Signage Asking For Reviews

    Thanks so much y'all! I really appreciate it!