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  1. A Shortname URL Reviews Links No Longer Working

    I did it a very long time ago when I first verified my business. Now that I know more about Google, SEO, and I have so many good reviews, I thought to remove it, but I worry that might affect me negatively. "Game Google"? Wow... I thought I was just trying to optimize things to get...
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    GMB Map Embed in Footer vs Landing Page

    On my website the Contact page is made up of a Joomla plugin called Uniform which is a contact form. That Uniform extension takes up the entire center container main body, and I can't find a way to add the GMB map to it. But I am a service area business so my address and map shouldn't matter...
  3. A Shortname URL Reviews Links No Longer Working

    Yes sir. Maybe it is because I gave the star rating?
  4. A Shortname URL Reviews Links No Longer Working

    When I log in and go to my own link, I see the 5 stars and empty review box that I left for my company.
  5. A Shortname URL Reviews Links No Longer Working

    I have been checking mine all day and night after seeing this thread. If that link stops working I’m going to have to print out a lot of new material and change a lot of things online. That would be terrible.
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    Linking to city based landing pages

    Yes, the website for for a single location SAB that serves 13 small towns surrounding it, each of those towns has it's own unique landing page on the website. The landing pages have links back to the homepage as well as some of the service/product pages. Currently those landing pages are...
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    Client's 3+ Year GMB Listing Uses UPS Address (Leave As-Is or Change)?

    This is a little off topic, but speaks to what you are talking about. No one goes to a painter's address, or the house of an electrician like me. My home address has been on all of my citations for 7 years and never an issue. It's my mailing address for payments. Once in a while a customer...
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    Importance of Posts

    Ok, great! The reason why I thought that might be a problem is because Google doesn't give you any way to repost the post. You have to put the image up and type everything out again. I don't have that tab, I will look out for it though!
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    Importance of Posts

    Thanks guys! So it's ok to repost the content and image from older posts for a business that does not get used often by the same person? For example, my offer for a surge protector installation. I have a good image, I have a good write-up. I can keep using that? Older posts still show? I...
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    Importance of Posts

    Thanks for the info. Just for my curiosity, all those things you mentioned are only after the customer found your business and clicked to it, correct? The posts themselves won’t actually increase your rankings to make your business easier for customers to find in the first place, right? The...
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    Found Local Service Ads in GMB (SIAP)

    When it comes to a service area business like a plumber or electrician, does it matter at all in GMB, organic rankings, or LSA's if the business has a commercial property or works out of their residence? I did not think it mattered for anything on Google.
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    Linking to city based landing pages

    On a service area business website, when there are 10 to 15 town-based landing pages, is it best to link to those landing pages on one service area page? Or is it better to have a link to all of the landing pages in the sidebar or footer of every page on the website?
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    LSA radius

    I just had chance to sit down and actually try this for myself and make the plan to implement this. I just wanted to mention that when I followed your video to find my own Share URL, it shows as the newer link, but with a ?share at the end: I noticed that in your...
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    SAB trying to rank 1 specific service

    As an electrician, I would like to do more of a specific service: install residential vehicle chargers. It's straight forward and profitable work, it's becoming more and more popular, no climbing thru hot attics, etc. A lot of people just search for an electrician when they buy a new...