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    GMB Name + City/Area Served

    Hey Conor, I'd consider two things. 1. Do each of their locations have individual registrations with their location's business registries? If not, that's a good way their competitors can flag them. In the US, I consult a state's Secretary of State listing. 2. If they do get flagged, what's the...
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    In Request A Quote dropdown, where does G source the fields?

    Thanks for your response. Yes, that's the gist I'm getting: that it's tied to LSAs and that the fields can't be edited. So frustrating, because small businesses will be misrepresented, and have to spend the time to explain things to potential clients. A time suck for them, to be sure.
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    In Request A Quote dropdown, where does G source the fields?

    I have an SAB client's GMB that displays "Request a Quote," and when you click on that, in "Services," the dropdown shows services she does not provide. The services are not mentioned on her website, so I don't suspect they were scraped. Same with her categories: these services (training...
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    Google suspended all my 125 locations :( What to do?

    Aaaand, this is why, when I began receiving autodenials on spammy title edits, I stopped submitting them for GLGs. I didn't know there was a correlation, but didn't want to chance anything. Thanks, @JoyHawkins for confirming my suspicions.
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    Changed to SAB and Traffic Dropped Big Time

    I'll be the contrarian with Dan here. The SABs I worked with see this quite often.; that's why it's so rampant in some industries to show your address (however fake) to just be seen on the map. I'd love to see a case study on this. But in my experience, this is the norm, not the exception. (My...
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    GMB category named "POI Establishment" - what is that?

    I've actually seen it on a plumber of ours, as well as on chiropractors. But oddly, for one chiro listing that has two locations, the "POI Establishment" has only appeared on one of the two. Would love to hear what's up.
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    Unfair threat to bad review

    @elle150, I've worked with many pet care businesses, and I know it's hard getting a bad review. There are ways to dilute the value of one, including getting many positive reviews to make the bad one sink to the bottom (good reviews are great any time, but especially if you expect a negative one...
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    Huge News: A New Way to Report Spam on Google My Business

    @Tim Colling I agree with you about the black hole, and if you want to hear more about this, a recent (3/4?) Last Week in Local podcast had a good discussion on the pros and cons of shutting down the forum. One interesting point is that the PEs were able to detect spam patterns that led to the...
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    "Suggest an Edit" Auto-Denying on Google Maps

    Yes, I remember (and yay for Level 7!!). It's a fun ride, which makes me so frustrated. But hopefully things will settle soon.
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    "Suggest an Edit" Auto-Denying on Google Maps

    @Tim Colling I've been submitting my usual lot of spammy titles, SABs showing their home addresses, and fake listing titles ("Chapter 7 Bankruptcy"). For some reason, they're no longer being accepted even when they're demonstrably fake. I can't think of anything else I've done to change my...
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    "Suggest an Edit" Auto-Denying on Google Maps

    @Michael S. Doran , that's quite accurate. I was submitting edits regularly, and with my (many) recent auto-denials on obvious edits, I've stopped completely. Hopefully this will get settled soon.
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    [Missing Data Alert] Knowledge Panel Seems to Have Removed Physical City Data

    The address trick has failed me for a couple of weeks now. The marker is there, and you can gather info from that, but the actual street address is gone. Sad, as I found that trick very helpful!
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    Known Technical Issue Impacting GMB Photos

    I'm having this issue right now, on two listings. Anyone hear anything more?
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    "Suggest an Edit" Auto-Denying on Google Maps

    Not sure where to place this topic, so if it should go elsewhere, please let me know. This week, I've had an unusual number of GMB edits get auto-denied. These were very basic edits, like changing the name of a law firm from their specialty (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy) to their firm name (as seen on...
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    Google Posts Showing in the Local Finder

    Hey, did anyone get this to trigger consistently? I saw a tweet from Brodie Clark that said it's "surprisingly simple to trigger. Choose a keyword you already rank in the map pack for & add it to your Google Post. Very similar to "website mentions". " Just wondering if this is testing or has...