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    Google referral spam - decreasing?

    Dear all, since ghost referral spam is still present and since for a many small local sites (like the one I manage) 40 sessions a month of spam is still significant (7%of my site's sessions for instance), I wanted to share with all those of you in a similar situation some useful links...
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    Lead Diversion Directories - A Growing Problem

    This is obviously an approach that should be done concomitantly to some sort of legal action. Since you mention that your legal budget is limited can't you envisage a joint (class) legal action with other local SEO companies and local companies? This forum could serve as a platform to rally a...
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    Optimising titles

    Re: optimising titles ... also wanted to add that author of the first article talks about checking CTRs (for pages) in GSC as a way to monitor improvements. But he adds that to reach stat significance one should aim for 2000 impressions ... which is way too high for local where impressions (at...
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    Optimising titles

    Hello I am working on titles optimisation and want again to remind that an excellent, really excellent article on this topic (already shared by Joy) is HOW TO IMPROVE TITLE TAG CTR BY 20%+ along with Dr Pete's Title Tag Length Guidelines: 2016 Edition Best Andy
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    Structured data for a company with 2 or more branches

    To understand google's guidelines I strongly suggest to (re)read David Deering's Understanding Google's Updated Structured Data Guidelines - Local University the article has already been shared on this forum...
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    How to Track Clicks from your Google My Business Listings

    Thank-you Dan If I understand correctly you are talking about creating multiple segments for different campaigns, applying them to a dashboard with some basic metrics (sessions, revenue, transactions, users, average session duration .. ) ... can you provide some more info "about the rolling...
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    How to Track Clicks from your Google My Business Listings

    Thank-you for your reply James Seeing also Dan's answer it seems that there are more degrees of freedom than I had thought - however, I also checked in a textbook ( the bible of GA "Google Analytics Demystified: A Hands on Approach" 700 pages) and it seems that the source is the source of the...
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    How to Track Clicks from your Google My Business Listings

    Hello after reading carefully Dan Leibson 's article I wanted to ask if anyone here has clearly understood the advantages of the naming scheme he is using which is somewhat atypical since the source is usually where the URL lives and someone actually mentions that in the comments in the...
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    Google Shows How Many Minutes People Spend At Venues

    An interesting post just published at search engine roundtable Google Shows How Many Minutes People Spend At Venues I surmise Google must know this only if one is logged in into one of their properties. I mean, if I search on google maps and then log out of (and also log out of other...
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    Facebook site hacked

    Though I agree with what everyone has said, the below link may give you some more info Online Security for Business: What Marketers Need to Know : Social Media Examiner
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    Door to Door Sales, Geolocation CRM and Google Maps Scraping

    Hello - another strategy to build a customer list is described in this excellent post : The Step-by-Step Guide to Turning Link Prospectors into Lead Generators Hope you find it useful Best Andy
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    Getting Rid of Slanderous Google Review

    Thank-you for the interesting article. The author replied to every single comment posted between 2013-2015 (pretty amazing). So an interesting read. Some of the comments were complaining about google. But what should we then say about Facebook ? Especially after reading Mike's post FACEBOOK AND...
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    Collecting reviews on steroids

    Thank-you for your reply Jon - it is good news that you will also introduce the SMS capability. What is the worst/best case scenario for launching this in terms of timeframe? Best Andy
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    Collecting reviews on steroids

    An example of what the scraping service does can be found at the following URL: Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence Reviews | Cosmetic Dentists | Philadelphia, PA 19116 | BirdEye I have a checked a few reviews and they mostly seem to come from Facebook Andy
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    Collecting reviews on steroids

    Hi Joy - It is definitely higher than (or fivestars) but they also offer a different service for this price includes on site visits by "a dedicated trainer to train staff and also a success coach. The idea is to teach staff to use proper verbiage" and make the process of collecting...