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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    This is an amazing thread. Thank you everyone!!!
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    New Free Tool from BrightLocal

    This is an amazing tool!!! :)
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    "Any recent edits you've made to a business will be seen on this page soon."

    Still happening for me. I accept ownership invites and page doesn't show up in our account. Also happening when I add an owner...go to the account I added and no email ever comes through with the invite. I did have the blue banner message all last week, that is gone now tho.
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    Needs action not yet published???

    Interesting Can you tell me more about this? Does this mean we shouldn't have the company name in the "story" for google buisness/google+? Oh BTW on a different note I tested your theory (removing the location and company name in the description) for 2 separate clients and they both jumped up...