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    Ranking Factors for Branded 3-Packs are Different than Non-Branded Packs

    Hi, I was wondering if these Google My Business items affect local pack results and the impact of each. And as a whole, does having a more active Google My Business profile coordinate with ranking on Google Local Search Results better and/or Google Organic Results: # of followers Total Views...
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    One Page Websites vs standard structure Website

    Thanks for all the great information on privacy policies! Are there any articles, resources, or other sources I can cross reference?
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    One Page Websites vs standard structure Website

    Hi, I saw your post on privacy policies. Is this a ranking factor for Google in your opinion? Are there more articles or other SEOs that you can link me to? Also, can the privacy policy be duplicate content as other pages online or do I need to rewrite it or can it simply be deindexed and...
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    Best Responses to Negative Customer Reviews

    Things to think about during responses: 1. Make bad reviewer look crazy. For good reviews, try to offer new information but not like an obvious ad. Usually 1-3 paragraphs. 2. Starting off with an apology (even if it is a ridiculous review) 3. Suggesting that the customer may mistakenly be...
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    Changing to Google My Business social media icon from Google Plus Icon

    Hi Linda, Should I change all my clients' websites Google Plus Social Media badge/icon to the new Google My Business social media icon? I don't see a lot of websites transitioning to this and the Google+ Icon is much more recognizable right now. Plus, the new Google My Business icon does not...
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    Google Phone Support Told Me I can Ignore Duplicates

    I called Google phone support to delete a duplicate listing. I cannot get into the account to delete it. But Google said it doesn't matter because it is an unverified page and will not show up on Google Maps. The only way someone would see this is if they were signed in to Google Plus and...
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    Say What? Google Says Don't add Review Markup to your Customer Reviews?

    Does the rating that shows up in the Google SERPs get counted in with the reviews on the Google Plus profile or does it just show on the SERP for the page that has the markup?
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    Say What? Google Says Don't add Review Markup to your Customer Reviews?

    Hi Linda, In the last Bright Local webinar, I had thought the panelists mentioned that it is possible for non Google+ reviews to show up in the 5 star rating in Google SERPs using schema/rich snippets. Is this true? If so, does the review (let's say from Yelp or TripAdvisor), have to be on...
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    Knowledge Graph - Incorrect NAP Reviews

    With the "more reviews" button on the knowledge graph, if the more reviews connect to the wrong business (with a similar name), how can you change this? For example, a franchise with different locations. Example: Sign-A-Rama is my client. They are located in Libertyville, IL. Their reviews on...