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    GMB Q&A's only populating a few of the Q&A's that the business has posted

    Hi, I've been searching information about the advantages of the Q&A practice. What advantages have you found? Like it helps for the SEO? Does it help for adding keywords? TIA
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    Phone verification issues for business with extension directories

    Hello, i have the same problem when i try to verify some of my listings. The only other option that i have was to send it via post card, although i new it was not going to arrive to destination (they are in the caribbean). So after 14 days that i apply for it, i would communicate with Google...
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    Listing sharing almost the same name

    Hi @Phil Rozek, thank you so much for this information. i will work on the suggestions you gave me
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    Listing sharing almost the same name

    Hello, The names are like this: - Barcelo (brand name) Casablanca (business name) - Barcelo (brand name) Anfa Casablanca (business name) Both are located in the street Anfa, so there is what is making it complicated. Making both searches it would activate me the KP of Barceló Casablanca. I...
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    Listing sharing almost the same name

    Hello, yes they are in the same city (less than 1 km apart). And they have different domains. Also i know its going to be hard cause the name of the listing mention the city, in this case Casablanca.
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    Listing sharing almost the same name

    Hello, I need some advice if anyone knows of how could i do to distinguish 2 listings. I have two hotels that they almost share the same name. And this is making a conflict to activate the knowledge panel. If i make the search of any of both location it will activate the knowledge panel of...
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    GMB Insights Reporting Bug?

    Hello, i been having the same issues with some of my listing. I cominucaite with Google Support and they confirm in fact that there have been some issues with the insights and in GSC. The date they gave me was around the 4/26 to 5/5 that was actually when it got fix.
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    Postcards not arriving

    Hello, after two weeks that you claim for the verification pin and haven't arrived via postcard, you can get in contacto with the Google Support and they will verified for you. They usually ask for a photo of the entrance of the place with a sign showing the name. You can put in contact here...
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    What are your Top 5 suggestions?

    Hi, im sorry but im not allow to share this information due to the confidentiality. Im attaching 2 files i fill all of the information. And for the Geo tag i use as well this page: Geotag Photos Online Sory i could not share more information of the actual test that i made. But just wanted to...
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    What are your Top 5 suggestions?

    Hi, i make a test uploading two photos at the same time. One with Geotag or metadescription, and another without. After a week the views of each photos was WAY different. The picture with geo tag has more than a thousand of views, and the one with our it only have few views.