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    How Hard Is It to Outrank Yelp and Other Directory Websites in the SERPs?

    Over the last few years in my industry (landscaping) I have seen more and more directories on page 1. There are very few broad queries that don't see them as the top 4-5. I have a strong site and a large blog that gets a lot of traffic, so I started publishing my own "directory" blog posts...
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    Great blogs that don't convert

    My landscape design blog would basically fit that description, but I have found (through much trial and error) that certain kinds of posts can still draw local traffic, and even lead to conversions. For example, I have a post on artificial turf that gets tons of traffic- most of it out of area...
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    Page Hated Within 100-Mile Radius Of City, Loved Outside It

    Is it possible Google trusts you are a business that serves PDX, but does not have the same level of trust that you serve Seattle? Perhaps the issue is more related to citations (predominantly PDX?) and reviews (mentions of PDX but not Seattle)? Basically , you are super relevant to PDX dry...
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    GMB "Advanced Information" Labels?

    Thanks, I thought they might be something like that :-)
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    GMB "Advanced Information" Labels?

    I am wondering what sort of information goes in the "Labels" field. Is that for agency use, when you manage multiple locations/listings?
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    Listing disappeared in local 3 pack for major keyword

    There has been some chatter about an update on the 15th:
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    Best Place to Start w PPC?

    Hi all! I am considering dabbling with PPC for my family's landscape design-build firm. Over the next couple months I want to develop a strategy and a couple landing pages. Is there a guide for the relative beginner that you would recommend? Thanks in advance!
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    Nextdoor now has business profiles

    Just got an email from Nextdoor. They now have business profiles that can be claimed and filled out. It appears they will only be visible in neighborhoods where recommendations for you have been made? I have gotten several referrals via Nextdoor (I believe the trust factor is very high among...
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    Looking for an AWESOME Blogger

    I too use Whitespark's emails to keep in the loop. But the only people/blogs that I enjoy so much that I read everything they put out: Phil Rozek, Brian Dean, Viperchill, AJ Kohn... but plenty others that are great :-)
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    Easiest and best way to create a website

    Re: easiest and best way to create a website I know there are drawbacks to site builders, but if you want easy and fast they are hard to beat. I personally have 4 Squarespace sites and think the platform has a lot of strengths (alas, site speed is not one), including how easy it is to make a...
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    Redoing Old Blog Posts

    My sample size is small, since the only blog posts I update are my own... But I have done both a quick update with no URL change, and ones where I change the URL. I have not seen traffic loss either way.
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    Should Small Businesses Even Have Blogs?

    A blog, done properly, is a huge asset. But, as has been alluded to, there are a couple issues: (1) Most SMB owners don't have the time and/or skill set to do it themselves. (2) They also don't have the amount of $$ it would take to effectively outsource it. This is actually what I love about...
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    Widespread Google Reviews Bug

    Yep- my 12 reviews don't show, even when I am managing the page...
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    BBB Accreditation, worth it?

    Phil had a good article on this, here is the thread.
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    Rank High in Organic but Not in Local? Joy's Post at Search Engine Land

    Interesting: Plug the address into G Maps and it does say Tampa. BUT- Just search Tampa and G highlights the actual city limits. Compare the two and this guy is not technically in Tampa.