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    Google temporarily unable to transfer reviews

    The technical issue is really the backlog in reinstatements taking priority.
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    Suspension Having Ranking Effects?

    Yup, I concur with Joy, the only way a ranking drop usually occurs is when they make a new one, which you can only tell by having a previous CID/PlaceID to compare to.
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    Suspension Having Ranking Effects?

    Does it have the same CID or PlaceID?
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    Suspension Having Ranking Effects?

    Was it simple reinstatement, or did they tell you to create a new listing and then merge? I see this advice all the time and it leads to losing ranking.
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    How has your experience been so far with Google's Redressal Complaint Form?

    Yup, 2 - 4 weeks on redressal. Michael, post your details on the GMB community, PM me your link, I can look at it and escalate if needed.
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    GMB Insights Reporting for 50+ Locations

    Yup look at DBA Platform.
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    Keyword Stuffing in Business Names Question

    I will add however, that Google, when made aware of a violation, will look a majority of these things. If signage does not match = suspension, do not answer the phone the right way = suspension. Does not match the website = suspension. So, report violators. Provide proof.
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    Where has all the spam gone?

    The cleanup by Google is pretty massive actually. All I can say is everyone who was involved in the WSJ article should be proud. You know who you are.
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    Staffed Regus Office Location Suspended in GMB. Any way to save?

    I also upload a secretary of state screenshot, city license, and BBB Accreditation if you have it. I have gotten Virtual Offices reinstated, it is not easy to prove but it can be done.. Just had one go live today!
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    Which link to use for company Google profile and reviews?

    Short answer = Yes. Add /review/ at the end and someone can leave a review.
  11. BenFisher Shortened URL Question

    It may be the www. part of the, I told engineering about this bug a while back and thought they fixed it. What is the link to the tweet?
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    Issue With Responding to Q&A on Google My Business

    I can confirm that this indeed does appear to be fixed. I just tested it on a few profiles and they all read as the owner :)
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    Is there a business or service provider that fights GMB spam?

    We provide spam hunting/reporting as a standalone service.
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    1st Generation SEO

    Someone doing SEO since the mid 90's :)
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    Moz/Uberall Partnership

    They will also wipe out attributes. So silly that they do not sync from GMB on setup to Moz, that would solve all this as an issue and leave service areas alone since they are not supported. Which brings to mind a question, will Moz wipe out services? Q&A? Shortnames? @MiriamEllis thoughts?
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    Moz/Uberall Partnership

    Confirmed this today too, oh well, time to look for an alternative.
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    In need of advice - Spam listing keeps reappearing

    could be your submission format, feel free to PM it to me.
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    In need of advice - Spam listing keeps reappearing

    Submit it here: Business Redressal Complaint Form - Google My Business Help
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    "Claim this knowledge panel?" Sorry if repost

    Nope that is a webmaster search thing for a KP of a brand. If you get a Wikipedia page you get that as well.
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    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    I am on board too! (Now to book flights and hotel)
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    Linking from Citations w/ CID's

    Oh heh Googly jargon, you will hear that more when you become Gold Craig, a surface is just a unique interface. Android Maps Surface, Desktop Search Surface etc..
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    Service Area Business Suspended

    @j_holtslander right now the best chance of reinstatement is to use the form, but make sure you submit all of your proof in the request. They are still backed up but it is getting better.
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    Does my GMB short name have to match the business name for my listing to be optimised?

    That happens when someone claimed the name and then chose another one, they get "reserved: for a long period of unspecified time.
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    Would you change the name of a listing that is not optimized?

    I will only say this, I do spam reporting for my clients on a daily basis, this helps them rank better when I report profiles doing exactly what you are talking about doing. A few months ago, you could have done it no harm, no foul. Now, you do it and get reported or caught by the algo and you...
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    Does my GMB short name have to match the business name for my listing to be optimised?

    How I handle this is quite simple. Think about short and easy to recall, like a domain name. For multi-location businesses, I use Practice+City or Practice+State For a single entity, what would you be comfortable putting on a business card? The last thing to note is while they may not have...
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    Linking from Citations w/ CID's

    Yep, I agree with Darren. Also... the CID link is a 301 redirect to a maps surface, so most link equity would be lost if you follow the train of thought on 301's and link juice. imho, I think linking to the CID or the map link is a worthwhile experiment and one I think could show results.
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    Spam Help/Advice Needed

    Actually, you need to submit it via this form, what you were doing was suggesting an edit to a public profile. The photo you submitted is tied to your personal profile and it appears in this case could have been added to the listing. ' Either way do not submit to Twitter, they will point you to...