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    Service-area business cleanup

    No problem whatsoever! I wish Google would become aware that certain industries never have storefronts and then hide the map altogether when people search for them!
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    Service-area business cleanup

    Hi Niki, These other companies that are listing their addresses are not only breaking the rules, but they are appearing on the map. Being on the map conveys something about proximity to a prospective client, even though proximity doesn't matter in that way to a service biz. My competitors and...
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    Service-area business cleanup

    Hello folks, I'm starting down the road of fighting bad info in my competitor's GMB listings. I have a service-area business that I operate out of my home home, and per Google's rules I have hidden my address (since I don't have signage nor do I accept walk-in customers). I see that almost...
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    Grid-type tools for service-area biz with hidden address?

    Hi, Thanks for accepting me into this great forum! I own a service-area business that is operated out of my home, and I have hidden my address in compliance with Google's terms of service. After seeing all the cool screen shots and excitement here about Local Falcon, I thought that I would...